Performance Program
Team Funniest <[Happy Lunch Concert] Chair, Table, Chair>
Date 17th May 2019(0) 12:00
Venue Uijeongbu Art Center Small Theatre lobby
Rating Over 8
Duration 60mins
Ticket 10000
Premiere -

Story of Chairs and People Told by a Circus Band

Team Funniest is a circus band composed of Korean and Japanese circus artists, bubble artists and musicians. While playing live music, they stage innovative performances combining the circus and mime. Music expresses life’s joy and sorrow and chairs and tables, our daily life. Their performances are for all age groups and the performers’ colorful acting and humor delight the audience’s eyes and ears.

Team Funniest

With the name of the band meaning “the most joyful,” “the funniest,” “people bringing joy” and “the funniest people,” they are willing to be with the audience all the time to make them smile. Founded in 2003, they have pursued “circus comedy,” a genre that is still rare in Korea. Beginning with nonverbal street performances, they have presented works combining diverse genres including juggling, magic, mime, acrobatics, instrument playing and the circus.