Performance Program
KoDe8071 <Moving Stories>
Date 18th May 2019(Sat) 17:00  / 19th May 2019(Sun) 14:00
Venue Uijeongbu Arts Center small theatre
Rating Over 8
Duration 60mins
Ticket 20000
Premiere Co-production Theatre Company Sansuyu, Uijeongbu Music Theatre Festival
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Story of Refugees and Environment Unfolded by Korean and Danish Artists

KoDe8071, project group formed by Korean and Danish artists, tells a story of refugees. Coproduced with the Uijeongbu Music Theatre Festival, their performance combines movements, music and images. The works’ visuals are directed by Ryu Ju-yeon, winner of the 2010 Dong-A Award for the Best New Director. Its movements are those of Out of Balanz, Danish physical theatre company full of adventurous experimentalism. Its music and play are there thanks to So Kyung-jin, theatrical/artistic director of creative group NONI. Such a collaboration leads to elaborating on the theme of ‘refugees’ in a variety of ways. They produced this performance through creative workshops that took place in both countries. As they trace the route of refugees facing national boundaries and other challenges, they raise today’s issue of refugees.

About Refugees: Intriguing Exploration into the Essence of the Issue

Looking deep into the existence of refugees and the word “refugee,” KoDe8071 focuses on the feeling of distance that the word brings. What is essential to the issue of “refugees,” which sounds unfamiliar to many Koreans, is about how Korean society sees its minorities. After all, it is a question of human rights. Starting with a story of refugees, the performance invites the audience to reflect on human rights.

Theatre Company Sansuyu

Theatre company Sansuyu is a group of young theatrical artists with creative enthusiasm. Its founder and artistic director Ryu Ju-yeon is a founding member of theatre company Baeksugwangbu. After working at the company’s directing team for ten years, Ryu founded Sansuyu in 2009. Since then, Sansuyu has presented creative performances full of modern sensibility. The driving force behind such performances includes the company’s analytical interpretation based on strong theatrical basics and its members who have been together for a long period of time.

Out of Balanz

Founded in 2006 and based in Copenhagen, physical theatre company Out of Balanz has presented original works through creative processes and adventurous experimentalism. Such artistic creation is enabled by the highly sophisticated teamwork of the company’s two joint artistic directors. The company has made twelve creative works and performed in 16 countries in Europe and North America. It was also named one of the 13 most innovative physical theatre companies at