Performance Program
BRUSH Theatre <The Little Musician>
Date 13th May 2019(Mon) 11:00  / 14th May 2019(Tues) 11:00, 19:30  / 15th May 2019(Wed) 11:00
Venue Uijeongbu Arts Center small theatre
Rating Over 36 months
Duration 50mins
Ticket 15000
Premiere 2016 Asia Culture Center
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Three of the best shows for children
Won Second Place in “The Wee Night Out Award”
- Edinburgh Fringe 2018
Winner of Director’s Award, Best Actor’s Award,
Music Award and Stage Design Award
- The 24th international theater festival of children & youth 2017,
Hamedan, Iran

The live musical theatre
“When will a brave person come to the world? Is that brave person me?”

One day in winter, darkness and cold took over the world because the sun was frozen. Little musician walks with a flute to save the world that lost its light.

New adaption of a fairy tale in Central Asia.

The journey is made vivid through the live-sound simulating the audience’s imagination. The show is filled with ingenious ideas. The yellow wood boards become sunshine, the bubble wrap becomes the twinkling snowy field and the plastic bag becomes transparent ice. Thus, the audience will experience the analog fantasy. The Little Musician will remind us of the real meaning of sunshine and relationships.


BRUSH Theatre LLC based in Seoul, South Korea is a “Theatre for Young Audience” passionately driven to present live performances internationally. BRUSH Theatre believes that there is a little child inside everyone who loves to live out art in life. We envision the inner child growing into a powerful creator through boundless forms of art. We inspire children all over the world from different socioeconomic and geographic backgrounds through our out-of-the-box performances, we make any place our stage to showcase a one-of-a-kind act built for the audience of every age, race, and culture.