Performance Program
Hakchon <Line 1>
Date 15th May 2019(Wed) 15:00, 19:30
Venue Uijeongbu Arts Center Grand theatre
Rating Over 14
Duration 165mins
Ticket VIP 50000 / R 40000 / S 30000 / A 20000
Premiere 1994 Hakchon theatre
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Adapted from Line 1 - Musikalische Revue by the Grips Theatre in Germany,has been greatly adjusted to fit the Korean context. Line 1 has been performed 4,000 times in the last 15 years since its premiere in 1994. It is the representative work of the Korean performing arts industry, with 700,000 who have viewers watched the performance.

Line 1 shows the life of Seoul through the eyes of an ethnic Korean woman named “Fairy” who is from the Korean autonomous region of Yenbian, China. She meets characters who represent a variety of people who are likely to meet on any given day in Seoul: jobless fathers, runaway daughters, men threatening suicide, peddlers of everything imaginable, self-styled street evangelists, and others. They come together to recreate the Korean society of today with humor and satire.

The Line 1 is complete with a five-person live rock band, actors and actresses who masterfully juggle several characters each and a rapid change of scenes and sets, which make the show enjoyable for viewers of all ages.

In 2001, with the belief that “intense feelings that touch one’s heart can overcome any language barriers”, the show embarked on world tours. Their performances in Berlin, Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Beijing, Shanghai, and at the 31st Hong Kong Arts Festival have been highly commended for their outstanding artistic quality by local critics, the press and audiences.


Hakchon Theater was inaugurated at the heart of Seoul’s theater district Daehakno in March 1991. It was founded with the mission of creating a new cultural space through integration of different genres. In addition to planning and producing musicals, plays, music concerts, dance recitals and other performances, Hakchon produces music albums and publishes plays. Through various experiments and new ventures in musical production, the Hakchon Theater Troupe is committed to vitalizing performing arts in Korea..