[Korea] Twinkle Twinkle

  • 2017-05-16(Tues) 18:00  / 2017-05-17(Wed) 11:00, 14:00
  • Venue   Uijeongbu Arts Center ②Small Theater
  • Genre   Music Theatre
  • Price   All 20,000 (won)
  • Rating   Over 2
  • Note   



National Gugak Center’s Representative Korean Music Fairy Tale! Cheerful Coming-of-Age Story for Independent Kids!
Byeoli’s adventure into the dream world! Professor Hye-ran Yang specializing in pediatrics wrote this story for children who are afraid of sleeping alone! Characters from traditional Korean fairy tales and planets from the universe come to you in three-dimensional puppets, props and animation. Creative group “One,” winner of the grand prize at the 10th “21st Century Korean Music Project,” plays the gayageum, ajaeng, piri, percussion and acoustic guitar.


“Byeoli Can Now Sleep Alone Because He Is with Friends in His Dreams”

Baby planet Byeoli must learn to do things alone, one by one. He is still afraid of dark night, thinking of sleeping alone. Among the frightening goblins in a nightmare, Byeoli meets a baby goblin of his age and starts an adventure with the goblins. With the baby goblin, Byeoli meets crows playing the roles of Heungbu and Nolbu, characters of a traditional Korean story. He also sees the “fox repaying kindness” and makes friends with Venus, Earth, Mars and Saturn in the shining universe.


National Gugak center, Sisimong


National Gugak Center is the cultural art institute that has carried over a thousand years of tradition and history since its
beginnings as “Eumseongseo” in the Kingdom of Silla. The National Gugak Center has continued to appropriately preserve and
passed down traditional art and carried out creative efforts on a traditional foundation by dividing regions with the new establishment of the Namwon National Gugak Center, Jindo National Gugak Center, and Busan
National Gugak Center.

In addition, National Gugak Center will constantly strive to seek modern values and a futuristic outlook in traditional art.
The National Gugak Center will make every effort to naturally blend traditional art into our lives and to proudly share our culture through the world stage.

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