[Korea] Changgeuk 'Chunhyangga'

  • 2017-05-20(Sat) 17:00  / 2017-05-21(Sun) 15:00
  • Venue   Uijeongbu Arts Center ②Small Theater
  • Genre   Changgeuk
  • Price   All 30,000 (won)
  • Rating   Over 8
  • Note   



National gugak center


National Gugak Center is the cultural art institute that has carried over a thousand years of tradition and history since its
beginnings as “Eumseongseo” in the Kingdom of Silla. The National Gugak Center has continued to appropriately preserve and
passed down traditional art and carried out creative efforts on a traditional foundation by dividing regions with the new establishment of the Namwon National Gugak Center, Jindo National Gugak Center, and Busan
National Gugak Center.

In addition, National Gugak Center will constantly strive to seek modern values and a futuristic outlook in traditional art.
The National Gugak Center will make every effort to naturally blend traditional art into our lives and to proudly share our culture through the world stage.

Cast & Crew

AHN Sook Sun’s changgeuk Chunhyangga is about a girl called Chunhyang.

Check out the original attractiveness of changgeuk, a traditional Korean opera!

Korea’s beloved master pansori artist AHN tells you the love story of Chunhyang and Mongryong!


About Changgeuk
 Changgeuk is a traditional Korean opera, performed as a play but in the Korean folk song style known as pansori. It is therefore also called Korean pansori opera in English.
 Pansori is a Korean genre of musical storytelling performed by a vocalist and a drummer. The music is usually performed by one sorikkun (Korean: 소리꾼, a singer) and one gosu (a drummer playing a barrel drum called buk Korean: 북). The term pansori is derived from pan (Korean: 판, meaning "a place where many people gather"), and sori (Korean: 소리, meaning "sound"). UNESCO proclaimed the pansori tradition a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity on November 7, 2003