[Korea] K-Culture SHOW ‘The Legend of Star'

  • 2017-05-12(Fri) 20:00  / 2017-05-13(Sat) 14:00, 17:00
  • Venue   Uijeongbu Arts Center ①Grand Theater
  • Genre   Musical
  • Price   R 50,000/S 30,000/A 20,000
  • Rating   Over 8
  • Note   


Korea’s the most loved cultural contents, K-Culture SHOW!


Fascinating scale of show, no one has ever seen yet, Magnificent music and glamourous dance with heart-touching love story

Cutting-edge video technology and 3D media facade in harmony with spectacular stage, costumes and lighting Now the first and the biggest ever blockbuster show comes to Korea !!!

The best performing dancers in Korea gather together

To present the explosive energy of performance on the dream stage

K-Culture SHOW 'The Legend of Star' is a performance show developed as part of a regional cultural contents development project, organized by the Korea Creative Contents Agency and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Based on the motif of Gyunwoo & Jiknyo love story, pictured at Koguryeo’s Deokheungri Ancient Mural Tomb, a mega-scale performance was created by the consortium of the Gyeonggi Content Agency, the Uijeongbu Arts Center and the HJ Culture CO. as the leading cultural contents of Korea, consisting of street dance and high-tech media art.




July 7th in the lunar calendar, Coming from the star of Gyunwoo and the star of Jiknyo comes to visit Gyunwoo and jiknyo, living in reincarnation on the earth

They are escorted to a tomb painting of Kyunwoo and Jiknyo story by the starlight. With the touch of the light, the painting comes to life, awakening from the long sleep and Kyunwoo and Jiknyo begin to retrieve their past memory.

In the past, Kyunwoo and Jiknyo met in a festival of the Heavenly World. Lost in the passionate music and dance, they fell in love with each other.

Then, the emperor of the Heavenly World announced that the winner of the dance competition would marry his daughter, Jiknyo and after a series of fierce competition, Kyunwoo became the final winner. Kyunwoo and Jiknyo got married in a magnificent wedding.

But the happiness won’t last long as Poongbak, the God of Wind refused to admit his defeat and joined hands with the God of Jealousness to stage a revolt against the entire Heavenly World, in a blinded one-sided love for Jiknyo.

 The army of Poongbak marched into the castle of the Heavenly World and finally Kyunwoo won in the fierce final battle against Poongbak. However, Poongbak ,refusing to submit to the arch enemy, flied the last arrow to Kyunwoo but Jiknyo jumped in to take the arrow, instead of Kyunwoo. Jiknyo died and ascended to the sky to become a star and Kyunwoo mourned in the deepest arrow as he couldn’t let her go. Then, the spirits of love, coming out of the tear of Kyunwoo laid a bridge between the two. They met on the bridge and ascended to the sky to become stars.

Coming back to the present, thousands years later, Kyunwoo and Jiknyo now retrieve the memory with the journey through the wall painting and another love story begins as they find each other.


Uijeongbu Arts Center, HJ Culture

Uijeongbu Arts Center(UAC) was established in 2001. Since then, UAC has been providing citizens in Uijeongbu. The north part of the Gyeonggi region and the northeastern part of Seoul with excellent performances and exhibitions. It is significant that a high standard of artistic events in a small city ‘Uijeongbu’ attract audiences from central Seoul. Most of all, representative festival including ‘Uijeongbu Music Theatre Festival’ and ‘Chensangbyeong Festival’ continue to attract domestic and foreign audiences, giving them perfect opportunities to enjoy a variety of performances from all over the world. Furthermore, Uijeongbu Arts Center functions as a producing theater. 


HJ Culture is one of the leading producing companies of creative musical in Korea established in 2013. The representative works of HJ Culture are ,, and so on. 

-  Sponsored by  Uijeongbu Arts Center, Gyeonggi Content Agency(GCA)

- Surpported by Korea Creative Contents Agency, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

Cast & Crew