The Road to Heaven

  • 2018-05-19(Sat) 15:30, 18:30
  • Venue   Uijeongbu Arts Center Road stage
  • Genre   contemporary circus
  • Price   Free
  • Rating   All
  • Note   


A Story of A Man Ceaselessly Walking, Climbing and Falling. A Way to the Sky

Combining circus acrobatics “Chinese Pole” and the traditional Korean theater, contemporary circus Life of a Lonesome Pole is a story of a man who ceaselessly falls to the ground and climbs again to successfully carry out the pole performance. To the tunes of traditional Korean instruments such as the saenghwang and daegeum, the man continues to go up somewhere, thus epitomizing a human life filled with ceaseless challenges beyond the limits of the sky and ground. While feeling the tensions and excitement of the circus acrobatics, the audience also take time to reflect on their urban life, watching the man repeating something in an uncertain manner.



Creative circus company BONGnJOULE was founded by Ahn Jae-hyun. Ahn mastered circus acrobatics (Chinese pole and tight wire) by completing a training program for circus professionals at Seoul Street Arts Creation Center in 2015. Focusing on human vulnerability on the flip side to colorful circus acrobatics, the company aims to create contemporary circus performances combining different genres. In particular, the company highlights the symbolic existence of circus acrobatics in order to give body to “heterotopia” (time and space where symbolic existence is mixed with reality) and to check how our daily life is viewed differently from heterotopia.

Cast & Crew

Director Jae-hyun Ahn

Stage Director Jang-hwan Shin

Dramaturge Ki-heon Nam

Sound, video Min-seon Kim

Music Seul-yi Lee, Won-seok Jo, Ha-yeon Kim, Dae-hee Lee