Voice Caves in the City

  • 2018-05-15(Tues) 19:30  / 2018-05-18(Fri) 19:30
  • Venue   Uijeongbu Arts Center ②Small Theatre (Lobb
  • Genre   Sound Theatre
  • Price   3,000
  • Rating   All
  • Note   


When the Body Resonates, the City’s Souls Also Resonate. An Invitation to an Urban Sound Cave That Will Bring Back Your Basic Lifestyle

In this urban sound cave, the audience move around cave-like spaces that generate different sounds in their daily places. Finally reaching the last space, they let go the sounds that used to be oppressed in the city, thus performing a “sound rite.” In this way, the performance helps them restore their basic lifestyle that they have lost in their city life. Experimenting with the potential of a voice performance as the street theater, this work is based on improvised voices generated in a given space at a given moment.



The voice theater troupe MOM SORI has presented an experimental genre called “voice performance” based on the concept that human voices are artistic and healing materials. The company’s founder Kim Jin-young graduated from the School of Visual Theater in Jerusalem, Israel, actively engaged in creative activities by founding the visual theater company Flower, left the company and founded MOM SORI in 2008. In the performances made and staged by the company, human voices serve as major artistic materials leading the entire creative process and at the same time, generate healing effects of connecting the body and mind. In the same spirit, they also run sound therapy sessions.

Cast & Crew