Good Luck Wandering Band

  • 2018-05-12(Sat) 19:00
  • Venue   Uijeongbu Arts Center Outdoor stage
  • Genre   Traditional music
  • Price   Free
  • Rating   All
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Get Your Luck! Daedong Shaman Rite Where Everyone Jumps for Joy

Ak Dan Gwang Chill has met with so many spectators in a variety of outdoor spaces including streets, squares, mountains and waterside areas. Going beyond their existing works reinterpreting tradition shaman rites as modern concerts, they now bring you a playground where they can cheerfully play, laugh, wish and hope with the audience. Traditional Korean music that sounds new, a concert looking like a rite… All of this contributes to this mysterious and exciting concert by a traveling theater troupe. The work will let you experience the community spirit of traditional Korean rites on today’s street.


Ak Dan Gwang Chill

Ak Dan Gwang Chill was founded in 2015 on the occasion of the 70thanniversary of Korea’s liberation from Japanese colonization(“GwangChill” means “the70th anniversary of Korea’s liberation”). Based on traditional music from Hwanghae Province (intoday’s NorthKorea), they produce a subtle harmony of tradition and modernity thanks to their profound understanding of traditional Korean music and their outstanding performances. Rather than pursuing the popularization of traditional Korean music, they always think about how to communicate with the audience in order to make music that they can enjoy with the audience.

Cast & Crew

Music Director HyunSoo KIM, HyangHee LEE Sound Engineer Saerom JEONG

Production Agency Boboo

Daegeum HyunSoo KIM 

Piri, Saenghwang HyangHee LEE 

Ajaeng HyeRim PARK

Gayageum Meondongmaru WEON

Percussion HyunJun CHUN, Jinyoung SUNWOO

Singer ChoRong BANG, HeeRim WANG, inYoung AN