Unique3, Cleaning Squad Leader

  • 2018-05-12(Sat) 17:00  / 2018-05-19(Sat) 14:00
  • Venue   Uijeongbu Arts Center Outdoor stage
  • Genre   Music Theatre
  • Price   Free
  • Rating   All
  • Note   


If Animals Die, Humans Also Die! How Could We Live with Animals?

Unique, a mysophobic environmentalist, is stunned to find garbage and do waste sorting but is interrupted by animals in danger of extinction such as an elk, orangutan and salamander. Even a grampus, which eats garbage, appears… The performance invites you to reflect on what to do in the conflict between humans and disappearing animals.


Unique Project

Serving as a project artists of Sindang Creation Arcade of Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture in 2015, Unique Project produced Unique, Cleaning Squad Leader. Since 2017, they have made the series Unique, Cleaning Squad Leader, a hands-on environmental protection performance. They focus on cheerful, refreshing and delightful (The troupe’s Korean name combines these three adjectives.) street performances that use objets, performances and music to address rapidly changing issues such as environmental and social ones.

Cast & Crew

Director Dongsuk Oh 

Music Director Ombre

Stage Director Losa Im

Actor Jung Hoon Yi, Sungjun Park, Cho Hyun Kim, Ashin Kwon,  Yoon Sung Jung, Rowan Kim