Tale of Rabbit

  • 2018-05-17(Thurs) 19:30
  • Venue   Uijeongbu Arts Center ①Grand Theatre
  • Genre   Musical Theatre
  • Price   20,000
  • Rating   Over 3
  • Note   


A fantastic adventure musical that children and adults can enjoy together

One famous Korean classic The Tale of Rabbit has been reinterpreted by Mabangzen’s unique, colorful style. Based on the didactic classic, the play brings joy and entertainment to people young and old, men and women, with cutting-edged dramatization and direction. Throughout, the play is continuously heating up with both-sided communication. Humor and wit roll down, the delightful story unfolding like a flowing stream until everyone’s dramatic imagination blooms with The Tale of Rabbit. The Tale of Rabbit presents unique music that is based on the cultural exchange between Korean traditional and Western music. Mabangzen’s unique movement on the stage and use of various objects make strong visual impact.



The dragon king of the sea suffered from fatal disease. One day, the dragon king heard that rabbit’s raw liver was the miracle medicine for his fatal disease, and he convened a council meeting urgently. When sea creatures were afraid to go up to the dry land, Officer Turtle came into the dragon king’s notice. “If you bring the rabbit’s raw liver to me, I’ll give you a priceless prize.” After hearing this, the ugly and neglectful sea creature Officer Turtle headed to the drylands.


Playfactory Mabangzen

Playfactory Mabangzen

In 2005, Playfactory Mabangzen was founded by writer and director Koh, Sun-Woong.

A fan of magical realism, Koh is interested in writing about the strange realities and characters of the world in a search of what lies at the core of a piece and its essentiality, and to re-create it.

Cast & Crew