The Goddess is Watching

  • 2018-05-11(Sat) 14:00, 18:00
  • Venue   Uijeongbu Arts Center ①Grand Theatre
  • Genre   Musical
  • Price   R 50,000 / S 30,000 / A 20,000
  • Rating   Over 11
  • Note   


They created the goddess for their survival,

Will they be able to survive with her?

This musical has been a legend in the scene of Korean creative musicals. Acclaimed by both critics and audiences thanks to its artistic quality, well-structured drama, beautiful songs and lyrics, The Goddess is Watching delivers hopeful messages with warm and beautiful harmonies. It is invited to play at the Uijeongbu Music Theatre Festival.



During the peak of the Korean War, Han Youngbeom, a lieutenant in the South Korean army, boards a deportation vessel with Shin Seokgu, a man under his command who will help him carry out a special mission: to take four North Korean soldiers to a POW camp. The prisoners of war incite a riot on the ship, and then the six soldiers are marooned on a desert island after a shipwreck during the severe weather. Soonho is the only one who might be able to repair the ship, but he is freaking out from war trauma. Left with only an instinct for survival, the soldiers turn increasingly barbaric. Youngbeom creates a story about a goddess and soothes Soonho back to normal from his delusions. To help Soonho recover, the rest of the solders embark on a special mission entitled The Goddess is Watching. They lay down new rules for the sake of the virtual presence, the goddess…


Yeonwoo Mudae

Yeonwoo Mudae

Yeonwoo Mudae (“Yeonwoo” means “performing friends.”) started as a small theater company on February 5, 1977. One of Korea’s representative troupes leading creative plays, Yeonwoo Mudae has strived to present original, high-quality performances including The Goddess Is Watching You and Oh! While You Were Sleeping.

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