• 2018-05-16(Wed) 20:00  / 2018-05-17(Thurs) 20:00
  • Venue   Uijeongbu Arts Center ②Small Theatre
  • Genre   Shadow theatre
  • Price   30,000
  • Rating   Over 7
  • Note   


shadow and object theatre.

_Paris mômes by Maïa Bouteillet


Shadow and object theatre has rarely exhibited such virtuosity. Accompanied by a musical score played live [...], the piece is a like a dream; an urban utopia complete with its open escapes to the moon and sea. To infinity. "Les Somnambules" creates true poetry.

_La revue du spectacle by Jean Grapin


Les Somnambules is a voyage into a city in transition, where an old neighborhood destined for demolition makes room for a dehumanized modern city. During the night, when the city sleeps, its inhabitants dream. Their dreams echo throughout the city, animating and transforming it into a place where anything is possible.

Ironically, Les Somnambules conjures these contemporary transformations and sketches in the outline of a city whose contours are redesigned by its inhabitants.

This story is told through a spectacular scale model of the city brought to life by shadows and lights, with four puppeteers and two musicians leading the audience into a swell of imagination.


Les Ombres Portées

Les Ombres Portées

Created in 2009, Les Ombres Portées is a theatre company that brings together people of varying backgrounds and expertise: music, set design, construction, drawing, photography.

It creates shadow and object theatre shows, develops stage and scenic design and musical projects, and organizes workshops.

The company approaches its work through collective collaboration, giving importance to the time needed to develop projects, as well as the meetings and exchanges with the public.

Cast & Crew

Idea and design: Les ombres portées

Puppets and lights: Olivier Cueto, Erol Gülgönen, Florence Kormann and Claire Van Zande

Music and sound effects: Séline Gülgönen (clarinets, accordion), Cyril Ollivier (double bass, bugle)

Lighting technician: Nicolas Dalban-Moreynas

Sound technician: Frédéric Laügt


with the support of the Institut Français