Songs of Lear

  • 2018-05-12(Sat) 18:00  / 2018-05-13(Sun) 15:00
  • Venue   Uijeongbu Arts Center ②Small Theatre
  • Genre   Music Theatre
  • Price   40,000
  • Rating   Over 8
  • Note   


Songs of Lear seems to have already passed into legend even though it’s only a work in progress. _The Guardian


This is essence of Lear, desiccated and condensed; sensed rather than watched and absorbed until it hasn’t just got under your skin, but right into your bone marrow. For the half hour that followed, I was static electricity, too knock-kneed to stand. It is a full-body detox; catharsis pure and simple and transcendent.

_Edinburgh Festival


Songs of Lear had its international premiere during Fringe Festival in Edinburgh in August 2012

Scotsman Fringe First, Herald Archangel, Musical Theatre Matters Special Award


Songs of Lear is a non-linear dramatic event that shows the world of subtle energies and rhythms that governs Shakespeare’s tragedy. The ensemble members have chosen crucial scenes from King Lear to weave a story out of gestures, words, and music. Each song is a starting point for another “dramatic poem”. Here the music becomes character, relationships, and events. The creative process has been divided into several phases: preparation of the concert, dramatizing the songs (an oratorio), creating movement and visual structures, integrating text, music and movement and finally molding the performance into a mature shape. Songs of Lear is a constantly evolving creative research project in which audiences may witness a very intimate artistic process.


Song of the goat theatre

Song of the Goat Theatre

Established in 1996 in Wrocław by Grzegorz Bral and Anna Zubrzycki, Song of the Goat Theatre (Teatr Pieśń Kozła) has developed an international reputation as one of Europe’s most innovative theatre companies, committed to researching what makes theatre distinctive from other art forms. Song of the Goat Theatre’s ever-evolving training, rehearsal, and performance process are treated as laboratories, enabling the Company to research the crafts of acting and directing and to evolve new techniques, performance languages, and works. Commitment to connection informs the development of each new training approach, which always seeks to integrate movement, voice, song and text, creating performances that have an inherent musicality and connect with audiences on a sensory level.

Cast & Crew

Director: Grzegorz Bral

Music: Jean–Claude Acquaviva, Maciej Rychły

Preparation of songs: Kelvin Chan

Sound Engineer: Waldemar Trzaska

Actors: Anu Almagro, Volodymyr Andrushchak, Rhianna Compton, Monika Dryl, Rafał Habel, Julianna Habel-Bloodgood, Katarzyna Janekowicz, Bogdan Koca, Olga Kunicka, Sebastian Mach, Dimitrios Varkas, Łukasz Wójcik