• 2018-05-11(Fri) 20:00  / 2018-05-12(Sat) 20:00
  • Venue   Uijeongbu Arts Center 451 Stage
  • Genre   Music Theatre
  • Price   Free Admission
  • Rating   All
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‘One of the Top 10 Outdoor Events of 2015.’ _The Times


‘What Periplum do very well is capture a fearful world where aircraft soar overhead, people believe everything the media tell them, and giant mechanical hounds stalk the landscape trying to wipe out dissenters and free thinkers. There are startling images: hundreds of pages flutter

through the air like distressed birds falling to Earth; a figure is immolated on a pyre of books like a bibliophilic Joan of Arc. ****’ _The Guardian


Inspired by Ray Bradburys visionary novel Fahrenheit 451, this incendiary outdoor performance explores the story of a society where books are banned and firefighters are employed to burn them. Periplum’s 451 is a 360-degree surround performance combining immersive sound, mobile structures, fire, pyrotechnics, and dramatic live action. The show follows the story of firefighter Guy Montag, who starts to question the system and develop a love of books. He ultimately rebels against his role as a destroyer of books, eventually deciding to burn down the system and become a fugitive before joining the Book People, who find sanctuary outside the city. Bradbury’s classic text has proven prophetic, reflected in the rise of the iPad, surveillance, interactive media, the televised pursuit of fugitives, and the continuing radical power of the written word.



Periplum & Corn Exchange Newbury


Periplum delivers a highly visual dramatic outdoor performance that is story-led and content-driven. The company specializes in mid to large-scale participatory and site-responsive works, offering audiences intense and interactive experiences with innovative staging. Periplum has had works commissioned by the National Theatre, the British Council, the BBC, the British Museum, Without Walls Street Arts Consortium and many UK and international festivals. Previous and currently touring shows include acclaimed works The Bell, Homecoming, Arquiem, and Imaginarium.


Corn Exchange Newbury

Over the past six years Corn Exchange Newbury has developed its outdoor arts program to become a major presenter and producer of large-scale work, working with major UK and international companies. Corn Exchange runs 101, a 10,000 sq. ft. outdoor arts creation space on the former USAF missile base on Greenham Common. Through 101, Corn Exchange aims to support the development of ambitious outdoor work.

Cast & Crew

Inspired by Ray Bradbury’s novel Fahrenheit 451

Adaptation, Design, Direction & Script Claire Raftery & Damian Wright

Original Music Composition Barry Han, Mike Simmonds & Periplum

Lighting Design: Chris Umney


Ben Phillips

Milo Foster Prior

Mike Simmonds

Florence Leon

Will Strange

Steven Grainger

Alasdair Jones

Danielle Corbishley



Funded by Arts Council England. Built at 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space. Commissioned by Without Walls Street Arts Consortium, Brighton Festival, Greenwich & Docklands Festival, and Norfolk & Norwich Festival.