The character of Uijeongbu Music Theatre Festival

Mr. M is a character who has a fat body but still performs with ballerina-like dancing steps.
He was elected as the representative character of Uijeongbu Music Theatre Festival through
public contest of 2008. His name M came from music which made Mr.M the symbol of
passion in music and dance. Through Mr.M who dances and sings freely, we want to deliver
the image of fun and joyful festival.

The symbol of Happiness and joy
Pink is the color of royal azalea, which is Uijeongbu's representative flower. It is the symbol of
cute and loveliness with an image of provocative and romantic spring.
Uijeongbu Music Theatre Festival have selected and has been using pink as an official color
since 2012 to express the happy energy of the festival.

Music Theatre
Beautiful harmony of music and play
The word music theatre originated when the German composer Wagner declared composite arts,
the combination of dramatic poem, music and dance, and called it the music theatre.
In the present, music theatre is used as a general genre consisting performances with music
and play like musical and Changgeuk, the Korean musical drama. Uijeongbu Music Theatre
Festival is introducing every genre of performing arts that has music as its base, and aiming
to become an open festival by discovering various pieces regardless of frontiers.

"Liminality: Beyond Boundaries"
The theme of Uijeongbu Music Theatre Festival 2018
The Uijeongbu Music Theatre Festival, which has become Korea’s representative performing
arts festival, celebrates its 17th edition this year under the theme of “Liminality: Beyond
Boundaries” This year’s Festival will free you from your hard, repetitive routine and give you
some fresh energy of joy and hope on this creative playground.


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