About UMTF
UMTF 18th의정부음악극축제 2019.05.10 Fri-19 Sun Uijeongbu Music Theatre Festival (UMTF)
10th May 2019 ~ 19th May 2019 / for 10 days
Uijeongbu Arts Center and In front of City hall
Hosting Organization
Uijeongbu Arts Center
Uijeongbu Music Theatre Festival Commission

The Uijeongbu Music Theatre Festival is held every May with a new concept ‘music theatre’ has boasted it originality in the world. Since 2002, the festival has been introducing from new works of preeminent artists to experimental works of emerging performing group.

UMTF establishes its own identity as a music theatre festival. Music theatre has become a noticeable unique performing arts genre in a contemporary era. It will constantly secure its reputation as a characterized performing arts festival to invite outstanding music theatre productions from a region and all over the world.

The festival presents official programs which are highly appraised and newly discovered productions in these days. It embraces all kinds of music theatres such as a multi-media performance, physical theatre, musical, opera and newly adapted Korean traditional drama.

Beyond a drama event, the festival lifts up a whole city with arts and special activities. During a festival period, it organizes diverse events such as street performances, open-air stages, promenade concerts, symposiums and workshops.

Uijeongbu Music Theatre Festival held every May in Uijeongbu, the city of culture and art, will be opened again this year of 2018 with the theme "Connecting Roads”. This May in Uijeongbu, meet this world of harmony where everyone dreams of hope, joy, happiness and future.